An independent artist is an entrepreneur!

Independent is such a versatile word. It’s funny that a word that is synonymous with unconnected and not influenced by others, or not depending on another for livelihood or substence, requires you to be all those things.

Independent artists are self funded. They create and share and are only able to continue to do so with the support of others purchasing and sharing their craft. All independent artists are small business owners and lots don’t view their work and effort in these terms.

Being independent also means knowing when to ask for help. Sometimes though that help is hard to find especially when you don’t know where to turn. Revolutionary Drones Records is about creating a support network for artists to flourish together.

It is possible to maintain a living filled with your passions but it requires a lot of tough work. Being independent doesn’t mean you have to do all that work alone though. By creating businesses with people you trust within your own networks helps make long lasting fun projects come to life.

Sure some people might need contracts to feel safe (that’s fine, we have experience with drafting these and have a few templates we can offer you too) in setting their business models up. These are important things to think about when deciding on your business structure.

You can be independent and part of a team. It just means that you are responsible for everything that is yours to own, which is a lot of pressure for some but that is why we are here to help.