Creative advice for independent artists

Revolutionary: A new or innovative change to established procedures and principles. A radical and pervasive change in society and social structure, which overthrows and replaces an established system.
Drones: The worker bees (their genealogical tree is a representation of the Fibonacci Sequence).
Records: To set down or register in some permanent form

Revolutionary Drones Records has been providing support and advice to independent artists since 2016. Offering management and business advice, marketing plans, and also digital solutions including web hosting and design solutions.

In 2016 Revolutionary Drones worked with Miss Alexandra to release her first single ‘A New Way’. We are excited to be working together once again for the release of her next single ‘Degeneration’ coming out 29th March 2018.

Encouraging the evolution of creative industries by supporting the growth of independent artists.

Nat Rowe - Photo by Michelle Grace-Hunder
Nat Rowe

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