The business game can be a dirty one!

Having worked in multiple industries and witnessed the birth and evolution of the Internet I have gained a wealth of knowledge.
I have seen many people including my friends ripped off and charged for things that they have not required. This includes website platforms and designs that do not allow full promotion, adaptability, or the understanding of how SEO and Adwords works. I have had friends pay excessive amounts for domain names, business names, and other business intellectual property by not understanding how to search for things on the internet properly.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” – Confucius

I am aware of clever marketing designed to capture the inexperienced user and I aim to steer people away from some companies looking to make extra dollars by taking advantage of the lack of their knowledge.

I hate seeing people get ripped off and I like clean, honest, business. Business doesn’t have to be dirty, however as people are always looking to make an extra buck to compensate for the increases in life it feeds a vicious cycle.

I look to work with and stand by others that genuinely want to do the right thing and are doing their very best to treat people with respect, love, honesty, and truth.