One of the most important things for an artist to have is their press kit.

I am always surprised when I can’t locate this on an artist’s website. Over the years I have searched sites of artists I have been blogging about or reviewing to find the press kit. I started to not write about anyone that I couldn’t locate a press kit for as I decided that was a good sign about whether they were worth putting effort in to talk about or not.

The press kit contains valuable information for anyone looking to write about, promote, feature or comment on you in their content.

The following is a guide to what should be in your press kit and why.


A well-written and informative bio should set the tone and style for your promotion and target audience.
Detailed descriptions of your sound, experience, and anything else you feel represent you as an artist and your art.

This is a great basis for someone writing a blog about you to be able to grab some pull quotes, gain some information for padding out an article and adding further detail to their description of you, using elements that you are looking to promote.

High Res Images

2-3 high-resolution images should be contained in the press kit. Arrange permission from your photographer to use these images in your press kit and provide them with a credit note.

This instantly provides good quality images for anyone to use in any articles or reviews that they may write about you. These are images that you have approved to be used for promotional material and this allows you some control of images of your likeness being used by media streams and provides control with your image branding.

High-resolution images allow immediate access for printed articles and ensure a quality appearance across the board.

Your Art

If this is music, then provide a track – or links to. If your medium is film or acting a show reel providing examples of you in action

(*video for musicians)
If you are looking to apply for festival lineup consideration be sure to have a well made video of you performing live to include in your press kit/application kit.


Provide copies or links to previously written articles or reviews that highlight and support your branding.

Contact Info

Provide your contact details.

  • Artist details
  • Manager details
  • Booking details

Make it clear and easy for people to contact; provide email and phone numbers.

Include your social media details.