Smart Business Planning

So many small businesses don’t do a lot of pre planning. It’s a lot of hard work and can easily get pushed aside as there are always “more urgent” matters at hand. It’s the planning though that can in the long run help save time and energy and ensure that you stay in front of the game rather than always playing catch up.

One of the greatest threats to business growth and survival is being reactive. This is when you are constantly responding to issues that are arising, chasing competitor’s tail, and trying to create a plan on the fly in reaction to the business environment. Pre planning allows you an opportunity to assess the environment in which you operate, strategically plan how to proceed and (boring I know but) set policies and procedure to cope with bumps in the road.

It is by having foresight and setting goals for your small business that you have some control over factors that may otherwise be overwhelming. Where after the fact and in hindsight you can see what you needed to do to avoid these hurdles.

Attempting to omit and minimise these end goal distractions is smart business. Even though you may have a small team, it might just be you this doesn’t mean that you should let it slide. It’s time to get your smart business planning underway!

Business Plan
A business plan may primarily be used when searching for investors, applying for loans or grants, however it is also super handy for you to do for yourself. It provides a structured way of detailing all the important operations of your business, how it will work, and analysing a return on your investments.

Marketing Plan
A general marketing plan should be created overall for your business to assist with setting up your branding and image. Marketing plans should also be created for each new product release or advertising campaign. Understand whom you are talking to, why you are talking to them, and what you are saying. Structure your advertising and set yourself measurable targets so that you can see what works and why.

We LOVE to help get great ideas planned! Please contact us if you need a hand in getting on top of your smart business planning.