Ryn Hooligan is a high energy hoop and fire performer who has demolished stages and dance floors across Australia, New Zealand, and America.

Ryn Hooligan is a Melbourne based hoop and fire performer. She is a multi-prop dynamo with a unique and fast paced performance style. Ryn has performed alongside many of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most talented.

Ryn has been heavily involved in the New Zealand and Australian hooping community for a number of years. She was involved in the organisation and creation of New Zealand’s only dedicated Hoop event, NZ Hoopfest. In 2017 Ryn choreographed for Southern Fire Conclave and performed at Burning Man, and has also been involved with choreography for the Pre Effigy burn at Kiwiburn.

Her fire prop of choice is her fire hoop however she’s also a mean fire eater, fans the flames, and cracks a wicked whip of fire! Ryn spins LED hoops which can be customised for performances to add extra zing to your event. Ryn Hooligan also has 2 choreographed shows that are available for cabaret or variety show bookings and can be customised to suit.

Ryn Hooligan provides a range of colourful acts performing solo, in duos, and part of groups. She’s an experienced hoop teacher running workshops at events and festivals and is available for private hoop lessons.