Claire Tennant is a professional mould and model maker

Claire Tennant is a mould and model maker with 10 years industry experience. Claire provides a high level of professional mould and model making services. During this time she has worked for an extended period in the U.K on a number of feature films, commercials, and TV series. Much of her film work has been in the ‘stop motion animation’ industry, creating puppets and miniature sets.

Claire Tennant Workshop | Revolutionary Drones RecordsFor the last 6 years Claire has been involved in the fine arts/sculpture scene in Sydney. She has assisted artists by making moulds for their creations and casting life size pieces in bronze. Recently her own sculpture creation has been on display as part of the Hidden Rockwood Sculptures in Sydney. 

Claire has a workshop in Marrickville, Sydney, and also runs workshops and classes around town.