TRS Records

TRS Records – Top Ranking Sound, is a reissue and distribution label focussed on supporting early reggae, roots, dub and dancehall artists.

With a love for the tunes and a passion for waxing the vinyl Yonatan TRS is representing those poorly represented many years ago.

Having travelled and met many of the people behind the beats that inspire him, TRS Records was designed to promote these artists and revive the music history that gets forgotten. With limited releases each run is unique and in years to come when vintage becomes cool again these discs will be more than retro.

Yonatan hosted a reggae/dub/roots/dancehall radio show on PBS Community Radio in Melbourne for many years, before checking out of the studio to go run his own show distributing and licencing a lot of old school material internationally.

TRS Records - Top Ranking SoundFocussing on music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s TRS Records is one for anybody that likes to fill their crates with some of the best stuff! You won’t be finding these tunes down in your local op shop or throw away bin but they also won’t be sending you broke if you want to get your collector steez on!

The first reissue embedded in TRS wax was Mikey General’s – ‘Fresh Again/’I Said No’, released in August 2015. In just over a year TRS Records has banked up about 15 releases – that’s around 1 a month. Save those cents up people and you could have an epic TRS Records collection in your house.

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