Alternative Women’s Fitness

Alternative Women’s Fitness – For Women Who Love To ROCK!

Alternative Women's Fitness - AWF
Alternative Women’s Fitness affectionately referred to as AWF operates out of the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. With their in your face slogan of “We are not a F#cking gym” they have recently secured their own home in Thornbury the AWF CLUBhouse!

AWF is all about providing the raddest fitness sessions to the most kick arse tunes. They are proud supporters of the local music scene and promoting amazing strong females. AWF pay and support APRA/AMCOS to ensure that the load of local talent that frequents their playlists get royally paid!

AWF has a positive vibe promoting not just physical fitness but ensuring that the CLUbhouse is also a safe space for incredible gals to socialise, meet like minded souls, and create something unique and special.

Phoebe Pinnock, lead singer of Heaven The Axe is their poster gal for her fierce feminine prowess and infectious attitude. AWF is all about supporting sister gals doing their thing and promoting the strength and fierceness of the pack!

Alternative Women's Fitness - Sabina Turner

Photo Credit: Dr Strange

Alternative Women’s Fitness are always looking for ways to promote local ladies and create opportunities through collaborations and events to show off the women rocking the Melbourne scenes. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the awesome shit they have going on and check out the website to book into a session or pick up some slick workout gear. That’s right! They also have their own active wear label designed by the founder of AWF Sabina Turner.

Sabina is the visionary leader of Alternative Women’s Fitness. A creative, exciting, and amazing being constantly searching for new ways to collaborate and dominate with the incredible people drawn to AWF. She is an inspiring super woman that is living proof that if you believe in your ideas, push the boundaries and never take no as the final answer, anything is possible!