What’s in a name? Creating a Business name.

Creating a business name can be a long and tedious journey. Here is the story of how we decided on ours.
The hunt for a name that summarised the core beliefs and goals of our business took about 4 months. Time was spent researching if the name ideas were already in use anywhere? Did it sound good? Was there meaning? With a love of word play and discussions with some close friends we eventually decided on Revolutionary Drones Records.

The term revolutionary means a radical new or innovative change to established procedures and principles, and/or radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc. As a noun it refers to a person who advocates or engages in revolution.
Remove the r and we also have evolution – any process of formation or growth/development.

Drones are male bees, a product of an unfertilised egg. Why is a male bee relevant you ask? Their genealogical tree is represented by the Fibonacci Sequence; a fundamental aspect of music, art, and life.
A low hum or buzz is also a drone.

Records as a verb means to store something (such as sounds, music, images, etc.), or to write something down so that it can be used or seen again in the future. It is generally associated with music and the term used for the release of such material.

Some time was spent debating if the name was too long for a business name but it was decided that the shortening to RDR could also mean and represent not only the chosen terms but also the reproduction and distribution of records. This completely satisfied our love of word play, of finding words that rolled together, and were synonymous with the reasons, hopes, and dreams for our business.

If creating a business name is proving to be a tough challenge we are happy to help.

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