Oscillate Bass is turning 2!

Oscillate Bass are gearing up to celebrate their 2nd birthday ‘N2Bass

Oscillate Bass
The 20th of August will see an epic line up of local Bass legends featuring C:1, SK, Asylum, Zero 1, SwitchState, T-Bone, Meezy, and Oscillate’s very own Kymaera celebrate in style.

Back in 2014 with renovations and the opening of The Sub Club (formerly the Night Owl) in the heart of the CBD, Oscillate Bass nights began. Chris aka DJ Kymaera armed with some 10 years scene experience ventured into facilitating nights aimed at promoting, supporting, and encouraging local bass DJ’s with opportunities to be heard.

For the last 2 years Oscillate Bass have provided international and local DJ’s at affordable costs to punters. With the success of their monthly events at Sub Club they included hosting bi-monthly events at Grumpy’s in 2015 to their events calendar.

To cap off 2015 Oscillate Bass hosted a side stage at Earth Festival 2015 including Lickweed, Raider, Zero 1, Asylum, and MC Dayelle.

Fully aware of the male dominated decks in the clubs, Oscillate Bass actively seek to challenge this norm. Their ‘Miss Conduct’ events 2014/15 featured all female lineups with local, interstate and international ladies smashing sets including Troub9l (SA), Unsub (NZ), C:1, SK, Wonqi Rose, and Beckon to name a few.

Oscillate BassCombining forces with fellow bass enthusiasts Detrimental Audio, The Tech Collective, Proxemics and The Snake Pit crew – Oscillate Bass live and breathe the collective tribe values felt by many bass loving heads.

When asked to describe Melbourne’s bass scene Caity of Oscillate admits it is “a tight scene – but very welcoming.” As a promoter she loves seeing new faces on the dance floor, however, part of the beauty of an underground scene with less people is there are less dickheads, and people look out for each other.

Oscillate Bass are excited to continue supporting the local scene, as Chris puts it “supporting the scene as much as it supports us.”

There is bass for everyone if you know where to look – Oscillate’s 2nd birthday celebration N2Bass is a probably a good place to start, and with a free price tag there really isn’t anything to lose!

On September 3rd Oscillate Bass are teaming up with Proxemics to bring New Zealand’s Tokyo Prose to Grumpy’s for a night of soulful groove laden liquid drum’n’bass. Get your tickets now from The Ticket Fairy before they sell out!

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