Artist Management Services

Revolutionary Drones Records provides artist management services to assist with managing business activities, digital solutions, marketing, and providing a network for collaboration.  A no obligation chat provides you with an opportunity to connect and get to know us. We are happy to discuss with you any questions you might have and see how we would best be able to support you in your endeavours.

Consultancy Structure

In choosing to move forward with our services, we structure our support by having a chat to see what it is you are after and to discuss what we are able to do to help you out. Our initial consultation involves us working on a plan of attack for you based on the elements that we have collectively deemed as most important.
This varies depending on your needs but may include a summary or supply of contracts required for a band (e.g. band partnership agreements), checklists regarding business organisation and structure ( registration/ABN registration, etc.), web site analysis for SEO, and the list goes on. If suitable we are able to meet up to discuss these in detail to ensure that everything is understood and clear steps to achieving your goals are defined.  These initial consultations are flexible and designed to work for you and your requirements.

Ongoing consultancy services are then available to provide continued support and make sure that things are progressing in the right direction.

The Services

Business Management Consultancy
For many small business owners this side can easily get ignored. It can become tedious and hard to juggle alongside keeping up with everything that goes into the creation of your art.  At the same time this is one of the most important aspects of successfully building a business. Sessions dedicated to business activities may include – finance, contracts, bookings, invoices, etc. They provide an opportunity to bounce ideas around and come up with strategic plans to make this side of business easier. These meetings provide focus on the organisational structure, assessing the financial position e.g. where funds should be directed at this point in time, planning of gigs/exhibitions/stalls/etc.

Marketing Consultancy
These meetings are tailored to focus solely on the marketing of a product.  The product may be you or it could be your next EP, tour, exhibition, etc.  We are able to work through marketing elements together identifying your audience, or use these meetings as a way to discuss the best promotional strategies to ensure you reach the intended target audience and are communicating with the right people.

We are able to compile detailed marketing plans to provide an analysis of the environment that you are active in, as well as distribution, promotion, and creative strategy recommendations. A thorough marketing plan is a great tool to have as an independent artist. It is able to provide a base for marketing consultations, to analyse implementation of activities, and assist in the structure and organisation of goal setting.

Digital Solutions
We provide digital services for our clients including domain hosting, management, web site planning, design, set-up, SEO, advice, etc. With 20 years of web design/development experience we look to offer these services at affordable rates to help relieve some of the affiliated costs involved with creating and maintaining and online presence.

Please contact us for further information and you can view an overview on our pricing structure here.