Lazer Erazer

Lazer Erazer – Medical Tattoo Removal

Lazer Erazer - Laser Tattoo Removal MelbourneLazer Erazer is owned and operated by the incredibly cool and kick arse laser wielding master Jade Louise. Located just off Lygon St in the heart of Carlton, Jade specialises in tattoo removal from Melbourne’s finest laser clinic.

Lazer Erazer is a space that feels like a home rather than a sterile environment where one goes to remove past mistakes and regrets, bad art, and watch as memories start to fade away into clean fresh skin ready to paint again.

With a loving, gentle, and caring touch Jade not only removes your ink stains but has decorated the Lazer Erazer home. Here you will find video games, stickers, and TUNES. All of this might have you thinking you’ve walked into some hipster bar but as the woman herself says just cos it is serious work it doesn’t have to be boring!

Lazer Erazer - Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Pinched from @lazer_erazer

We at RDR might love art but not all art is good and necessarily needs to remain on a body forever. Some art has a use by date. Like that loving token you have from a past relationship with he whose name shall not be spoken. (I bet ya Harry sometimes wishes he had used some magic to remove that scar on his head. He wouldn’t get recognised as much out in public.)

Jade is proud to provide the highest standard of laser treatment to her clients, she uses top of the line technology and chose to obtain her certification in NSW to ensure she met the highest standards in Australia.

Check out Facebook and Instagram to see some of the magical work this lady can cast with a laser! Whilst you’re there get your like and follow on and take a look at Lazer Erazer online. Be sure to book in with the super friendly Jade for a consultation!