Nat Rowe

Hi! I am Nat Rowe – The Bee Keeper (owner) of Revolutionary Drones Records.

Nat Rowe - Revolutionary Drones Records - The Bee Keeper

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Michelle Grace Hunder

I have been a proud supporter of the creative industries for most of my life. I started frequently attending live music events as a 12 year old at Fruitbowls (a FReeZA initiative) held at the skate rink around the corner from where I lived.

Over the years I have attended numerous festivals, events, and gigs; seen many theatre shows – musicals and plays; visited art galleries for opening nights and also just popped in to see what is on display. I have watched as the fashions in music have changed and the effect technology has also played on the way people access and interact with art.

As a 10 year old I began learning HTML/CSS and graphic design, and spent hours working away on creating my own pages and spaces in the online realm. I have assisted friends and family with their websites and hosting needs to support their businesses over these years; and have had professional experience working within a digital agency supporting issues with sites and performing updates as required.

Recently I have DJ’d at a few events including Oscillate Bass’s Miss Conduct in 2015 and 2016, where the night is full of female DJ’s, artists, and performers to showcase and support diversity in the bass music scene. I have played at Rubix Warehouse as part of the Bassnest Crew’s lineup in 2014, and in 2015 at their night held at Loop Bar.

In 2015 I completed a Diploma of Marketing and a Diploma of Music Business. I was nominated for the SLAM (Student Life And Media) Student Contribution award for my participation and assistance with the National Campus Band Competition. As part of Melbourne Polytechnic‘s NCBC organisational team I acted as Band Liason, MC’d the first heat, and DJ’d at the second heat. I was requested to assist with the running of the Victorian State Finals and also DJ’d at this event.

My eclectic interest in life also applies to my musical taste, one day I might be rapping along to Eminem, the next I might be getting operatic alongside Kate Miller-Heidke, I’ll switch between wanting to jump around a room alongside Veruca Salt, to jumping around with House of Pain. Then there is the time that I’ll lie on my back and sing it out with Crowded House, and when the melancholy kicks in I’ll drift away Smashing Pumpkins with Kurt Cobain. I might be getting loud and dancing freely to some Prodigy, while waiting for The Chemical Brothers to kick on with a Spoonbill tapping along on a Silverchair.

Save The Palace

I walked the streets as part of the SLAM RALLY (2010) in support of the Melbourne live music scene, and was involved in the Save The Palace campaign and weekly vigils in 2014.

At 15 I was involved with assisting my Dad with some design work for his business and worked alongside him every day for over 10 years. I still help advise him with marketing and managing tasks to help ease some stress. I am fully aware of the impact running a small business can have both positively and negatively. It is through this experience particularly that I have gained valuable knowledge and understanding regarding business management.

Revolutionary Drones Records is my dream for change. For having an understanding of business and wanting to share that with talented professionals, to teach and show people that they can own their OWN, without selling it away. It is a way that I get to package together all the things I love to do which includes: meeting new people, hearing new music, seeing new art, experiencing new things, constantly being challenged, and the continual growth through shared experiences in the hope that it can change the world!

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