Encouraging the evolution of creative industries by supporting the growth of independent artists.

Revolutionary Drones Records  provides support and advice to independent artists. Through a range of avenues including management/business mentoring, market analysis and strategic planning, and digital solutions; we aim to assist artists in maintaining the rights and control over their artistic content. We also aim to provide an opportunity for artists to network and collaborate.

Our goal is to create a collaborative network for artists/labels/etc.  A record keeper of those looking to work together and move mountains.

Revolutionary: A new or innovative change to established procedures and principles. A radical and pervasive change in society and social structure, which overthrows and replaces an established system.
Drones: The worker bees (their genealogical tree is a representation of the Fibonacci Sequence).
Records: To set down or register in some permanent form.

Revolutionary Drones Records is looking to shake things up and lead a revolt amongst the drones. Born from a desire to make dreams a reality and shake off beliefs of impossibilities – 2015 saw Revolutionary Drones Records start to come to life.

Assistance with bios, goal setting, career mapping, and web development(SEO) have been among the primary business operations that have taken place during 2016. Please see our services page for ways in which we can help you.

Hive Mind Mentality

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